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Michaela is a singing/voice/yoga coach. In addition to running her private studio practice, she leads two vocal projects in London, such as a vocal improvisation group, and voice and body/yoga classes. She earned a Master’s degree with distinction in Voice Pedagogy/Research at the University of Wales/Voice Study Centre. One of her research studies was published by Routledge in the peer-reviewed journal Voice and Speech Review. She is an Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework® and a qualified yoga teacher (RYT® 500).

"I draw my knowledge not only from my pop, jazz, soul, vocal improvisation and classical training background, but also from my research studies, and from practising various voiceworks such as Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Alexander technigue®, The Accent Method, The Roy Hart Theatre, Linklater Voice®, The Grotowski Institute®, Body-Mind Centering®, Feldenkrais Method®, The Roll Model® Method, Estill Voice Training™, Somatic Voicework™ - The LoVetri Method, Yin, Restorative and Hatha Yoga."

The sessions below offer everything from learning effective tools/practices (for performing, singing exams, studying healthy vocal techniques, facing performance anxiety, etc.) to opening up and using the voice as a healing instrument. I also offer mentoring/coaching sessions.

We can meet online or in person in London.


Singing Sessions

Singing sessions focus on exploring singing techniques, expanding vocal range, improving intonation, music theory, sight-reading, aural training and more.

Holistic Singing Sessions

Holistic singing sessions enable one to sing effectively while developing greater self-awareness, creativity, technical expertise and confidence. When we are holistically trained, not only do we strengthen the voice and learn specific techniques, but we also bring the mind, body, spirit and emotions into one place. In the session, we work with breath, voice, body and sensation of sound. I use special types of exercises that will support you in finding new ways of fully expressing yourself.

Voice Sessions

These sessions prepare your voice for effective communication in front of the camera, on the stage, in front of the audience, in the work environment or in your private life. The focus will be on exploring vocal techniques, articulation, diction, resonance, and expression...

Embodied Voice Sessions

Voice and Body/Yoga/Movement

This is a technique in which sounds, vibration, musical tones and frequencies are connected using specially designed physical exercises that help you to understand, restore, maintain, and build the mind-body connection implicit in an expressive voice.

Fitzmaurice Voicework® Sessions

The purpose of Fitzmaurice Voicework® is to support individuals in finding and using their unique voices—in healthy, clear, and creative ways—while developing greater freedom and presence. Fitzmaurice Voicework® combines adaptations of classical voice training techniques with modifications of yoga, shiatsu, bioenergetics, energy work, and many other disciplines. This integration serves to harmonize the voluntary and involuntary aspects of the nervous system and the voice. More can be found at


Mental and emotional issues are channelled into physical tightness. This tightness is stored in the tissue of the body which impacts the whole body and the voice. If this energy is not released, it leads to unexplained physical problems, emotional issues, and psychological blockages. Therefore, these sessions apply voicework, breathwork and gentle movement to restore a harmonious balance.


These sessions are dedicated to those who are searching for fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, career growth, constructive feedback, clarity or support with overcoming creative blocks and key challenges. Creative mentoring/coaching sessions can be a one-off meeting, dedicated to a specific topic/concern, or can continue over a longer period. More can be found HERE


Embodied coaching is similar to the mentoring/coaching mentioned above. The difference is that during embodied coaching we use the voice and the body as the guiding element rather than talking. We might use embodied movement, yoga, vocal exploration, breathwork, meditation, visualization and more. The session offers an approach to healing and growth by connecting the body, the voice, the mind and emotions. It will support you in embodying the life you want to wake up to.

Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is a term used to describe a persistent reaction of fear and nervousness when confronted with the possibility of having to do something while being watched. These sessions will offer options to overcome this fear and reach the full potential as an artist and a communicator.

Additional Sessions

Additional sessions include:

- Breathwork

- Sound Healing

- Vocal Improvisation and Real-Time Composition

- Vocal Health and Longevity

- Chakra Toning

- Vocal Exploration

- Overcoming Fears through Voicework

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