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"Michaela has a vast knowledge in vocal technique and has a friendly but professional approached that makes me feel comfortable and motivated at the same time. What I like the most is her ability to help training my voice throughout personalised exercises researched and chosen specifically for my voice. I consider her support very important for my improvement as a singer and performer. She always helps me throughout difficulties considering my background and my future goals. I find her passion and motivation contagious and that is really important for me."

- Arian; Singer



"Michaela has delivered workshops and one to one sessions as part of our Young Actors Summer Camp for students' aged 13 - 17 and also for our Acting for Film courses for students' aged 18 and above. Michaela has developed specific lesson plans and workshops for the school, which are consistently delivered to a high standard and receive excellent feedback from the students."

- Hannah Fawcett, Head of Courses at MET Film School




"Michaela devised a highly practical workshop that gave actors an opportunity to explore limitless vocal possibilities through specific yoga positions. This allowed participants to develop deeper connection to their breath and sound, body and voice, and text.

Feedback from participants includes:

- A high standard

- Very good and enjoyable

- Michaela created a calm and open environment where we felt safe to experiment with the technique being taught. She was encouraging and created time for questions.

We hope Michaela will return to The Actors Centre again soon to deliver more workshops."

- Michael John, Creative Programme Director at The Actors Centre London

"The classes we did together unlocked the possibility for my voice. I used to be afraid of singing, and had told myself I couldn't for years. But I wanted to change that and your approach helped me take the first steps to get in touch with my voice, and to enjoy it! The aspects of rhythm, breath and the body which you introduced helped me feel comfortable and connected whilst beginning to sing. The classes were varied and every session there were new techniques and suggestions drawn from your own research and experience. This introduced me to a whole world of vocal possibilities which I'm continuing to explore. For me our sessions were the best introduction to voice and singing I could have hoped for, and the doorway into what continues to be a wonderful exploration of the voice. Thank you!!!"

- Nicola Stephanie; Artist

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