The Voice Energy project

is an a cappella vocal group, founded in 2013, performing at the Roundhouse, regularly at the Southbank Centre and all over London; through street performances and flash mobs the project brings vibrancy and energy to the city centre.​ It's a spontaneous singing adventure full of world music, improvisation, vocal and body percussion.

Circle Singing London

formed in 2014, is designed to explore creativity through vocal improvisation; regularly collaborating with various music festivals in London and visiting unusual places to explore sound effects and acoustics such as Leake Street Tunnels, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park's Bridges, the Stepney Green farm, London Bridge's railway arches...

To Move with Voice project

integrates specific yoga positions with contemporary vocal techniques since 2015. We uncover tools and exercises that encourage the flow of energy to open our breath and untangle knots in our body, mind and voice

Holistic Singing / Voice Coaching

has been created to unlock the natural power of human voice. One-to-one coaching sessions welcome anyone who is interested in searching for expression through voicework.

Private Singing Lessons

Breathing techniques, posture, projection, resonance, intonation, tone, dynamics, vowels placement, expanding vocal range, exploring rhythm, aural training, sight reading, phrasing, performance presence, vocal effects... = healthy voice.

"I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think." - Rumi

"Music is an act of love, that's why it's so rewarding." - Bernstein

Fitzmaurice Voicework® at The Actors Centre

It is possible to join this workshop even though you are not a member of The Actors Centre. Please, reach out to them.

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