Is it coaching, mentoring, business supervision, freedom facilitation, personal development, or mindset program?

The label is not as important as knowing that…

More and more individuals are looking for creative coaches to help guide them along their career path and offer both practical and emotional support. Ready to discover more?

One-to-one conversational sessions for early-stage and/or professional artists are intended to:

  • provide support and accountability;

  • generate ideas;

  • maintain balance and integrity;

  • gain clarity;

  • develop a growth mindset, cultivate resilience and rumble with vulnerability;

  • guide to think outside the box and see things from a new perspective;

  • overcome creative blocks and self-doubts;

  • replace stuck-ness with action;

  • launch a creative business;

  • or perhaps things are already going well so the sessions will help to keep the momentum going and boost the opportunities ahead.

With experience, starting over in a new country while learning a new language, building a brand-new business, studying, and running my own creative/community-based projects, I have learned the creative business and the importance of relationship marketing inside and out.

Nowadays, science says that creatives are most effective when they feel courageous, confident, and focused so let’s schedule a free zoom call to discover how I/the work can assist you in recognising opportunities that are around you. Feeling the nudge? Trust it.