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The Circle

is a trusted and respectful space designed to enrich one’s life by being seen, heard, held, and witnessed. In our busy modern life, it’s not always possible to be nourished by a loving community. So, let’s take a moment to share and honour our authentic truth. Let’s give ourselves a chance to meet a multitude of individuals. Let’s allow ourselves to be accepted for who we are while sharing gained experiences.


The driving force behind the circle is the understanding that we are hardwired for togetherness. It is not surprising that after lockdowns and social distancing, we are more and more searching for community. Even our ancestors knew about the profound impact of the circle and the power of listening to shared stories. Could this be the thing you are looking for?



If you are longing for connection and community, an environment where you can be heard and to hear, a moment to explore your precious inner world, a safe space free of judgment, a nurturing container that is fulfilling the primal desire to gather… come and step in.

All welcome (18+ only)



The session will start with an intention, relaxation, introduction, and a suggested topic. There is nothing to do in our circle other than to be present. Each gathering will give you a chance to be honest with yourself and offer a glimpse into the curated lives of others.


Online. The link is sent to you after your booking.


The session lasts between an hour to two hours for £10. Please prepare for two hours while knowing we can finish after an hour. This freer structure will give us a more organic feeling rather than the need to strictly follow the schedule.

  Wednesday, 29th March at 7pm (GMT)

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