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Welcome to your online library of self-paced practice.


This video contains breathwork practices and guided meditation. It is for anyone who would like to find balance, reduce stress, increase energy, improve mood… The first part concentrates on three breathing exercises and the second part is dedicated to meditation aimed at creating a perfect life.



Have you ever noticed your breath quickening when you are afraid? Do you find yourself breathing slowly when you are calm? That is not a coincidence.

Research reveals that each emotion correlates with distinct rhythms of breathing. Therefore, if we alter how we breathe, we change how we feel. For instance, when we feel happy, our breathing will be slow and deep. On the other hand, if we feel anxious, our breathing will be short and shallow, or if we feel angry, our breathing will be fast. This means that certain breathing strategies work as a tool to help us to manage our thoughts, moods, and experiences. So, let’s reset, regulate, and heal our nervous system.

Duration: over 40 minutes

Fee: £10

Access: 1-month

Aim: relaxation, finding balance, reducing stress, improving moods, increasing attention span, boosting energy

Level: all welcome (some breathing exercises in the video are not recommended for pregnant women and people who have high/low blood pressure, lung, heart, eye, ear problems)


All rights reserved. No part of this broadcast may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including transcribing, recording or other electronic or mechanical methods, without prior written permission. Please consult your healthcare provider before starting this practice.

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